Rewrite & Relieve's Basic Daily Planner


Product Details:

  • Dimensions (L*H) – A5, 148 mm *210mm – A perfect size to carry around
  • Pages – 96 Working pages + 8 Notes Pages + 4 Preliminary Pages = 108 pages
  • Thickness of paper – 80 gsm, Natural Colour Paper, Multi Colour Print
  • Weight -
  • Wiro Binding – Easy to Fold & Write, for lie-flat ease
  • Type of Cover and Bound – Soft Bound, Round Edges, 300 gsm thickness, Art card soft Page with Lamination
  • Language – English

Country of origin: India

Dr. Priyanka Mohol
[BHMS, PGDEMS & CC, DDHN, MPH (Scotland)]
Public Health Consultant & Community Nutrition Specialist


  • Undated (Hooray)
  • Lots of pages for notes
  • Colour - Colorful
  • Well Researched by team of Medical & Health care professionals
  • Perfect gift for your loved ones

Format/Particulars included:

  • Daily TO-DO list (Divided in Importance & Urgency)
  • Special Days table
  • Daily Gratitude list
  • Vision Board
  • Notes & Doodle page
  • Habit Tracker

Who can use it:

  • Suitable for all age groups, all genders, all professionals and home makers
  • Anyone who wants to increase the productivity, happiness, and achieve dreams
  • This is a unique ‘Daily Planner & Gratitude Journal’ for those who wants to improve the quality of life and lead a healthy life style.

Comes with additional gifts:

  • Pen
  • Bookmark
  • User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are many apps and live planners are available and convenient to use. However, there are two major drawbacks of using digital planners.
  a. Privacy - Anything we put on the internet it becomes accessible to the world. This increases a chances of leaking personal information. There are many risks associated with putting information on the internet. One of the biggest risks is that the information can be accessed by unauthorized individuals. This can include hackers who may be able to access the information in order to steal identities or financial information, or government agencies who may be interested in sensitive information. Another risk is that the information may be lost or corrupted. This can occur if the server hosting the information is hacked or crashes, or if the information is transmitted over an unreliable network. Additionally, the information may be subject to censorship or revision by the hosting company, government, or other third parties.
  b. Distraction – Whenever we use any app for making to-do list on the phone or laptop there is a high chances that we get distracted with other social media apps and start spending time there.

Also, using paper planner has its own benefits –
  a. You Remember things Better
Writing with the paper pen stimulates the brain cells and require higher brain engagement that helps in increasing the focus. More you are focused while writing longer it stays in your memory.   b. You are more Motivated
The research has proven that if you write your goal on a paper every day, your brain reminds you and triggers the actions to fulfill your goals. Writing your daily to-do list on a paper and timing each task helps you visualize your day and plan in a better way. Also, cancelling the tasks done motivates you to do more.
  c. Reduces stress Maintaining hard copy journals is used as a therapy in the management of stress and anxiety. More you write about your thoughts, you get the clear idea about what is going on in your mind. Also, planning your day wisely on a planner helps in stress management. Looking at your daily work schedule and thoughts on a paper collectively helps you understand stress causing ailments and find the solution for it.
  d. Increases Self-awareness While writing physical journal you get time to think. Also, while writing your mood reflects on your handwriting and your writing style. This helps you analyze your thoughts. There are no autosuggestions and auto corrections to disturb you. So whatever you write, you write it on your own words. All this things helps you in increasing self-awareness. While writing on a paper we become more mindful about what we write as we cannot backspace it.

a. Start anytime
  You can start writing journal at any point in the year. You don’t have to wait for the first of January.
b. Zero paper wastage
  If you are on vacation or on Sunday if you choose not to use the planner then you don’t have to think about the wastage of paper. You can star, stop, and skip anytime you want without wasting a page. It also helps you focus on working days. When you turn back and skim previous pages you don’t have to skip blank pages.
c. Cost effective
  Undated journal are cheaper than the dated journal as the printing cost of undated journals is less.
d. Personalize it
  You can write the date or day in your own way. For example on your birthday or any other special day you can write in a decorative day. If on weekends you are working on your passion you can write them as self-improvement day.

a. Rewrite & Relive offers wide variety of planners. The basic planner is to develop the habit of writing journal on a daily basis for self-improvement. Once you develop the habit of writing journal one can switch the advance journal, offer you better understanding of yourself. Also, there are other verities like gratitude journal, traveling journal, couple journal etc. So you can use variety of journals on a quarterly basis and choose the best suited journal for yourself.
b. It is easy to carry everywhere due to its compact size and light weight.
c. You can dedicate one journal for one project.
d. With every quarterly journal you can change your writing style.
e. New journals motivates you to write. However, using same journal for the entire year can be boring.
f. Quarterly use of journals prevents the damage of hard copy. New and clean journals are better to carry in meetings.

a. Using sticker and other decorating material can be overwhelming. Not everyone is a fond of art and craft.
b. It increases the weight of journal.
c. Provided stickers are not individualistic so might not be useful at all. However, one can simply buy the stickers they love and use it, if and where needed.