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Our mission is to promote a healthy & sustainable lifestyle to live your life to the fullest at its very end.
We make videos, write articles, and develop a daily planner to motivate you to tweak your lifestyle for better health and to enjoy life.



Hi,I am Dr Priyanka Mohol, a public health professional…

I am Dr Priyanka Mohol, a public health professional and community nutrition expert creating awareness about a healthy lifestyle since 2012. I have treated and counselled thousands of patients and realised that a self-awareness tool is needed to help patients organise their thoughts. Also, it is crucial to create awareness of the differences between healthy eating and a balanced diet, working hard and being productive, and physical exertion and exercise. Hence, my team and I have designed the Daily Journals. To address daily work-life balance challenges, enhance self-awareness, and live your life to the fullest, we offer Daily Planners and Gratitude Journal.

We developed these journals after researching all the headings and their effects on physical and mental health with our team of doctors and health care professionals. Rewrite & Relive promotes healthy eating habits, regular exercise, following a passion, practising gratitude, meditation, and daily journal writing. We also create Youtube videos, publish blogs, and engage with informative Instagram posts. Additionally, on LinkedIn, I give you a glimpse of my fieldwork. I am so grateful to have you here. Welcome to the Rewrite & Relive Family.

With Love,
Dr Priyanka, Abhishek, & Team

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