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Why do I love Floral Teas?

I often post pictures of my floral teas on social media. And no need to say I receive lots of comments asking about ingredients, where to purchase ingredients, people want to know about the taste and health benefits, how to make the tea, and many of them request me to make some of it when they visit me.

Before diving into why I love floral teas, let me give you the background of how I came across these teas. In 2016-17, I was on my journey of weight loss. My nutritionist had recommended I consume various infused water and teas, as they help in weight loss and boost metabolism. Hence, I started Consuming green tea with a hint of cinnamon twice a day. Initially, it took me a while to get accustomed to the taste, but after a month or two, I started enjoying it, especially after having meals. Gradually, I started adding and trying various flavours to it. Sometimes, I used to put lemon, tulsi leaves, cinnamon, mint leaves, rose petals, etc. In 2018, I went to Scotland for higher studies. Scotland was cold and windy yet extremely beautiful. Due to the cold weather, I was craving hot beverages the entire day. After having a cup or two of coffee or hot chocolate, I did not feel like having a cup of it. Seldom, I used to have a third cup of decaf coffee to prevent myself from spending sleepless nights. While shopping for groceries, I came across various tea flavours in attractive forms. However, loose teas in jute or cotton pouches won my heart. It used to resemble magical herbs that witches and wizards would consume to bring about magical transformations.

Out of all the teas, floral teas started creating a special place in my heart. I tried green teas with citrus fruits, berries, flowers, roots, herbs and many more. They helped me to survive the winter and kept me hydrated. Floral teas are generally smooth, light, and full of health benefits. They have a lot of antioxidants which help in glowing skin. Hence, it is also called a secret beauty potion. However, my reason for consuming floral teas is their aroma and taste. All the flowers have attractive and unique colours, fragrances, and taste. We can easily differentiate the aroma of rose and jasmine even with our eyes closed and without touching flowers. Every morning, I fill a pot with water and place it on low heat. I then add dried flowers and green tea to it, allowing it to slowly brew. As it brews, the mild pleasant aroma of flowers fills my entire house, bringing a sense of calm to the midst of this frantic pace of life. The best thing I love about floral teas is as soon as I open the container of floral tea its beautiful colours and enchanting fragrance start soothing my mind. Then as I sip a cup of tea while working on my daily to-do list, I sense the clarity in my mind, and my body fills with a lot of energy to concure the day. The aroma and taste stays with me throughout the day. Whenever I get tired or annoyed, I return to my collection of teas, brew a hot pot of nice calming floral tea and enjoy it.

Of all the floral teas, my favourites are rose and jasmine, though I also enjoy pea flowers, sunflowers, hibiscus, and Thai jasmine. Let me know what is your experience with floral teas and your favourite tea.

Until next time Rewrite your Mind and Relive your Life. Thank You.

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