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Why go for a walk in Nature?

Our environment has a monumental impact on our mental health. Many researchers have pointed out the correlation between a lack of exposure to sunlight and depression. Also, numerous virtual engagements and the use of digital devices can lead to confusion and loneliness in the real world. All this happens because we go far from our roots. Our roots are situated in nature. Our body and nature are created from the same elements earth, water, fire, air, and space. We are dependent on nature for all our necessities like food, oxygen, sunlight, etc. Hence, whenever we go away from nature and surround ourselves with an artificial environment it starts impacting our mental and physical health.

However, the question is, in today’s fully digitalized and competitive world, how to stay connected with nature and maintain inner peace? Let’s do an exercise for the next 21 days together.

“Mother nature speaks in the language understood within the peaceful mind of the sincere observer” – Radhanath Swami

Let’s do a dedicated task to connect with nature

In this task, we are going to take a walk in nature. Not in the gym or on the treadmill kept in the house, but actually by going in gardens, jogging parks, on hills, or anywhere in nature. You can choose to stroll, walk, jog, or run. Spend a minimum of 45 minutes in the green landscape, in the way you want, but without using gadgets, cell phones, earphones, and calorie trackers. While strolling in nature there is no requirement for any music in your ears or your partner to talk or any gadget to keep track of calories burned during a walk. You can give rest to all your gadgets for those lovely 45 minutes. Believe me, they can manage without you quite well and so as you. I will advise you to grab the opportunity of spending time in green space before sunset. Some may find it difficult initially, but once you start noticing the miraculous environment surrounding you, then you won’t be in the need of any motivation to do it.

Now let me put some light on the changes that will happen in these 21 days. First, you will notice that you have been feeling fresh than earlier. This happens because when we go into an environment surrounded by trees, we get lots of pure air and oxygen. The more fresh air we inhale more oxygen we get. It automatically helps in elevating the mood. The second change you will observe is that the eyes are less tired and dry. Because your eyes get a break from the harmful light of devices. The greenery relaxes the eyes and you encounter them less dry. Third change you will observe that you are happier than before. Because when you go into nature, you will discover the mind-blowing creations of nature in the form of followers, the structure of trees, birds, and even colorful insects. You may enjoy the twinkling stars and the shapes they are forming. Altogether you will notice a great shift in your energy levels, mood, and physical fitness in merely 21 days.

Before taking this step, we may have to fight against many natural and human-induced obstacles, such as weather, time, and space. However, if there is a will, then there is a way. If it’s raining, then you can wear a raincoat or take an umbrella; if it’s cold, then you can wear a sweater; if it’s too warm, then you can wear a cap and keep yourself hydrated. If you are a gym, yoga, or sports person, then also not a problem, you can skip that for 21 days without any guilt. It will provide a good break from routine and helps in giving a pleasant shock to your body, which will ultimately increase your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). It’s always an amazing experience to reintroduce ourselves to the environment where we belong. These 21 days will offer you many opportunities to know yourself, explore your inner peace, and reinvent yourself. We always bound ourselves thinking we belong to a particular city, company, family, etc. Sometimes we also assume, that we belong to the person we love and similarly, that person belongs to us. However, maximum problems start with this thought. We often forget the fact that we are a part of nature and we only belong to it, and it is time to return to where we belong.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment below. Until next time Rewrite your Mind & Relive your Life. 

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Dr. Priyanka Mohol [BHMS, PGDEMS & CC, DDHN, MPH (Scotland)]

Public Health Consultant & Community Nutrition Specialist

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