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Using an object for gratitude practice is overrated?

Gratitude practice is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It can help people to stay positive and have a better outlook on life. Practicing gratitude helps us to be more mindful and appreciate what we have in our lives. It can reduce stress, improve relationships, and boost happiness. Furthermore, it can even help us to be more productive and creative in our work. Practicing gratitude can also help us create better relationships with others, as well as increase our sense of well-being. In short, gratitude practice is an important tool that can help us live happier and more fulfilled life.

For the last two years, I have started consciously practicing gratitude, flourishing my life in all aspects every day. However, while reading and practicing gratitude, I have used several techniques. The two best methods I love and always recommend are wearing a gratitude locket and keeping a gratitude journal.

To practice gratitude, we can use several different techniques, such as writing down what we are thankful for, expressing gratitude to others, reflecting on our blessings, focusing on our gratitude through affirmations and visualizations, and expressing gratitude through objects. One can choose the techniques as per their comfort and liking.

However, using any object for gratitude practice attaches an intense feeling to it. By using physical objects, we can create tangible reminders of the things we are grateful for and use them as a source of inspiration and motivation. We can use any object for gratitude practice, like a locket, ring, coin, and even any ordinary stone. A physical object that serves as a reminder of all the things we are grateful for, every time we see it, sense it, and or touch it.

In gratitude practice by using the object, hold this object in your hand and count your blessings. Feel grateful for them with your whole heart. Initially, try doing this consciously at least 2-3 times a day till the touch of the object becomes familiar to you. Also, whenever we immediately see or touch an object, we have to think about what we are grateful for. Likewise, we can shift our thoughts to appreciation and be happy. Eventually, your brain gets trained, and whenever your skin recognizes the object or your eyes see it, your thoughts shift to gratitude effortlessly. 

It can be used as part of a daily ritual or simply kept in your pocket or purse as an ongoing reminder of all the good things in life. The use of an object reminds us to focus on what we have instead of what we don’t have, and it can be an incredibly powerful tool for cultivating more joy and contentment in our lives. This enhances the feeling of thankfulness in our daily routine.

Similarly, keeping a gratitude journal and listing any five things before we sleep helps us feel fulfilled at the end of the day. Often after a hectic day, we tend to go to bed overthinking. However, writing and feeling gratitude for the things that happened in the day; shifts our focus to positive thoughts and motivate us for the next day. In between the day when we feel stressed or feel nothing is going the way we want, we can take out our gratitude journal and review the things we are grateful for changes our perception of the current situation.

Hence I feel it is okay to keep any object with you. Often only counting your blessing in your mind will not provide a strong feeling of gratitude. If we attach any physical activity like writing a journal or holding an object helps to create a strong sense of gratitude. Additionally, using objects for gratitude practice helps in developing a grateful mindset. One can choose any entity and use it magically. I have designed a personalized gratitude journal to start practicing gratitude daily and hope to spread happiness.

Let us know your thoughts about using an object for the gratitude practice. Until next time Rewrite your Mind and Relive your Life.

About the Author:

Dr. Priyanka Mohol [BHMS, PGDEMS & CC, DDHN, MPH (Scotland)]

Public Health Consultant & Community Nutrition Specialist

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