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In many of my blogs, I always try to convince you about the importance of gratitude practices. How gratitude practice can change lives and bring happiness. To promote the gratitude practice and create awareness about it, we have included a gratitude practice column in each journal of rewrite and relive. Also, we have launched an exclusive journal for gratitude practice for those willing to develop a gratitude mindset. I have also published many blogs on the various techniques for a gratitude practice. However, people find it difficult where to start and what exactly to be grateful for.

Well, you can be grateful for everything and anything happening around you. You can be thankful for general things as well as very particular things. It does not matter how small things are, yet you can evoke the strongest feeling of gratitude. We can be grateful for general things like, as soon as we get up in the morning, we can be grateful for getting up alive and remembering everything. We can be thankful for having both hands and legs working harmoniously. We can be grateful for having a vision and the capability to hear, taste, and smell. We can be thankful for having shelter over our heads, clothes to wear and food to eat. In general, we can be grateful for having a mind which can produce several thoughts and amazing ideas. While scrolling on social media, instead of comparing ourselves with fake ideal posts, we can compare ourselves with blind people or physically specially-abled people who are earning their bread and butter despite all the difficulties. This will help us to realize how blessed we are and how easy it is for us to work.

In particular, we can be grateful for several areas of our life. In the financial aspect, we can be thankful for whatever money we have in our savings and whatever money we are earning regularly. You can also be grateful for whatever money you have lent someone during their need. Also, be aware and thankful for the services you provide for your regular income. This kind of gratitude practice will help analyze how much money you are earning, by what means you are earning, how much you can save, and how much you can use for helping others. Once you get a clear picture of your financial status and appreciate how you can help others with your finances and services, you will be motivated to earn more and offer more. You can be grateful for whatever service you are providing and the money received for it. For example, today, I am grateful for helping this person/ organization/ XYZ, in doing ___ work, and I received___ money which I will use for __. It might sound hypothetical, time-consuming, and maybe childish to do so; however, the results from this practice are miraculous. Initially, this practice will take some effort, but once you start recognising the results, it will be easy and you can do it in your mind. Every time while taking out money from your wallet or keeping money in your wallet, if you are grateful for the influence of the outflow of the money, in your account, you will be able to overcome the feeling of lack of money. If you need a particular amount to buy any object or service, and if you lack money,  you can start with being grateful for whatever money you have and be thankful for ways you can earn the remaining money. The more you will be thankful for the ways of earning money, it will be easy for you to find the opportunity and work to make the most out of it.

If you want to see the magic of gratitude practised in your relationship status with your friends and family, try to remember why you are with that person and appreciate it. Additionally, write down all the good qualities you like about that person and how that person helps you and be grateful about it.

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Dr. Priyanka Mohol [BHMS, PGDEMS & CC, DDHN, MPH (Scotland)]

Public Health Consultant & Community Nutrition Specialist

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