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Is the word meditation overrated? The internet is flooding with numerous tools and techniques for drilling meditation. There are several instructors out there to guide people to meditate and lead better life. Even after having flourished access to all the possible resources we fail to meditate.

No one in this entire world can fake practising meditation. The reason behind it is its benefits. If you can notice a person with a calm and focused personality, then the person does not have to say that he/she practices meditation every day. How often when we think about meditation, we start picturizing monks in our mind? Well, I do that often. I have tried numerous techniques of meditation, but nothing used to work for me. My head used to be crowded with thoughts, and there was no headspace.

We often fail to meditate because we lack an understanding of the exact concept of meditation. We all must have heard about the power of meditation but not the gist of practising meditation. Seating in a quiet environment, fresh air and greenery around, music in ears, and comfort in the position completes the ideal or I shall say a hypothetical picture of the meditation. Well, if we have all this, then we do not have to practice mindfulness at all. The environment will compel us to do it.

Being mindful of nothing but being conscious of the internal and external surroundings. However, being aware does not mean remembering all the forgotten yet crucial tasks. Well, that helps a lot but still. Whenever we sit for meditation, our brain starts playing reels for all the possible events that happened in our lives. That is hilarious and remarkable at the same time. However, this barely allows us to focus on the instructions or music playing in our ears. In such a situation, counting breaths and thinking about the same thoughts doesn’t help.

Practising meditation is equal to consciousness without attaching any emotions to the thoughts. I understand our thoughts have a supernatural power to build our life. Also, our thoughts are our sole property and not attaching any emotions to them seems hard. But for fun and to attend to the purpose of practising meditation, we can watch our thoughts in the third person. We don’t have to analyze them there themselves or get angry at the rising of vivid thoughts. Slowly we can shift our focus on one or two particular things, for example, music and breaths.

Now, you all must be thinking about why I am using the words practising meditation rather than doing meditation. Being a Doctor I have realised that practice is a process of getting perfect. Even after becoming perfect still, we can do innovations because there is always room for improvement. Hence, we call our work ‘Practice’. Meditation is not about being able to focus perfectly, but it is about practising focus by becoming aware of our presence.

Why do we need to practice meditation?

Life has become a race. We all are running to achieve greater success. More power, money, luxury, fame, and many more. In this race, we are occupied for a maximum of our time. The time may not be productive but keep us employed. Here come the time management tricks to be productive. While scheduling our day many times it becomes difficult to find even 15 minutes for meditation. If we have watched any motivational video just before planning our day, then we give legitimate 15 mins for meditation either after getting up in the morning or before going to sleep. In legendary situations, we think that we can meditate while commuting by public transportation or in our car driven by a driver. However, those 15 mins after getting up in the morning convert into naps after snoozing the alarm. 15 mins before sleep convert into either scrolling on social media or snoring. I genuinely think meditating while commuting is a scam.

We want 12 hours of productive time without sparing 12 minutes to be aware of ourselves. If we are oblivious of what is going on inside our brains, then it is equivalent to running like a headless chicken. Meditation is the time we are offering ourselves without any judgments. It has countless benefits like improved focus, reduced stress level, clarity of thoughts, increased pain threshold, improves lung capacity, enhances connectivity, reduces physical stress, etc.

Meditation brings clarity to our thoughts and helps in focusing better. Hence, working with better focus allows us to complete any task in a lesser time and with impeccability. Often we say we are occupied throughout our day and therefore unable to manage time to work on our goals. However, with the help of meditation, we can increase productivity as well as the quality of our work. Also, a clear thought stream will allow us to prioritize the work and achieve all our goals.

If we want different results, then we need to do unusual activities every day. Practising meditation can be a life-turning activity. To avail the benefits of meditation, the practice should be consistent. No methods of practising meditation are suitable for all human beings. As each one of us has an individualistic personality we can find peace with various meditation techniques. However, it is advisable to start with some easy techniques. We shall be teaching easy techniques of meditation on our youtube channel. If you want to know more stay tuned with us @

Let us know your reviews on practising meditation in the comments below.

Until next time rewrite your mind and relive your life.

About the Author:

Dr. Priyanka Mohol [BHMS, PGDEMS & CC, DDHN, MPH (Scotland)]

Public Health Consultant & Community Nutrition Specialist

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