Why I Started Writing Journal Daily?


I am not going to start the story with "one fine day" because it was not a one-day realization. However, a series of events convinced me to put my life together on paper first. I cannot deny the fact that writing a daily journal brought fantastic twists and turns in my life. I am grateful that I had enough self-awareness to realize that the food I am providing to my thoughts will be the biggest hurdle in my way to growth. The continuation of these thoughts compelled me to start drafting a journal, and after that, there is no turning back.

Initially, it was cumbersome to write about my feelings and thoughts. However, writing about my ideas for business or setting goals for my future was fun. This activity offered me a clearer chain of thoughts about my wants. I started to think about what exactly I wanted in all aspects of my life. I was completely shocked when I realized that I was not sure what I wish for. It took more than seven days to figure out what improvements I want in the various aspects of my life and to set the goals for it.  On the first day, I wrote three goals, one for my financial state, one for my health, and one for my writing skills. And as recommended I decided to visualize them just before I fell asleep. The second shock came when it was difficult to imagine myself happy once I achieve my goals. I started wondering do I really want this and how will be my life after receiving it. After these rail of thoughts, you can easily imagine how disturbed my sleep was.

However, while setting my goals I read many topics like what is financial freedom, Nutrition, Signs of love, and many more. The idea of keeping a journal not only helped me to decide on goals and choose a focused path but also helped me broaden my horizon on various topics.

Practicing goal setting, planning a day before the night, gratitude practice, writing about ideas, and many more had helped immensely over the period. My graph of growth is always raising since I inculcated this habit. There is a great sense of achievement if we set a goal and achieve it before the deadline. The sense of security is massive when we count our blessings. Here is my tip for you, whenever you are suffering from a bad day, sit down and write about what you are grateful for today. You will see an immediate shift in your mood. Also, if you practice this daily you will notice that the things and people around you have very little influence on you. You always start feeling calm and focused. And then the fun begins.


About the Author:

Dr. Priyanka Mohol [BHMS, PGDEMS & CC, DDHN, MPH (Scotland)]

Public Health Consultant & Community Nutrition Specialist