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nutrition.png, Nov 2022

Spices play a crucial role in our diet. Along with bringing flavor to our food, they also bring loads of health. However, food blended with the perfect amount of spices is better than the overspiced food as it may irritate our stomach mucosa. All the spices are loaded with antioxidants. There are few combinations of spices helps in healing and antiaging. For example Curcumin is a yellow compound found in turmeric, gets easly assimilated in body if consumed with black paper and fats. If cinnamon used in a green tea and consumed 2-3 timece per day, can facilitate weight loss and controls sugar levels. If nutmeg and cardamom consumed with jaggery and milk on regular basis, helps in curing insomnia.

In markets variety of spices available in the form of whole spices and grounded powder. Its better to use whole spices to avoid adulteration and retaining of the flavours. Each spice has its unique flavour and health benefits. Spices can be the most natural, flavourful, and easily available food substances to heal our body and boost the immunity.

Following is the list of spices with its benefits.




Anti-inflammatory, improves brain function, ant-bacterial

Black Paper

Lower cholesterol levels, anti-inflammatory


Anti-bacterial, reduces pain, improves liver health


Lowers blood sugar, reduces risk of heart diseases


Fight against intestinal worms, antispasmodic, cures irritable bowel diseases


Prevent dental cavities and bad breath, diuretic


Fat reduction, helps in preventing drug dependence & food borne illnesses

Bay leaf

vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium, Magnesium, treats Migraine

Fenugreek seeds

Reduces muscle pain, improves digestion

Coriander seeds

Improves hair & skin health, reduces cholesterol

Mustard seeds

Reduces severity of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis


 strengthen cognitive function, detoxify the body, reduce insomnia, prevent leukemia, and improve blood circulation

Poppy seeds

relieve exhaustion, decrease anxiety, rich source of vitamins & minerals

Star anise

Treats cough, improves digestion

Sesame seeds

Plant protein, reduces cholesterol & blood pressure, supports bone health


Lowers blood sugar,  reverse fatty liver disease

Carom seeds

Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, helps in relieving peptic ulcers


Helps in delayed puberty, patchy baldness, memory retention


Lets us know your status of relationship with spices in the comments below. Until next time spice you food and life. 



About the Author:

Dr. Priyanka Mohol [BHMS, PGDEMS & CC, DDHN, MPH (Scotland)]

Public Health Consultant & Community Nutrition Specialist