Do you want live Magnificant Life?

graditude.png, Nov 2022

What is an ideal and happy life? The definition of a successful and happy life can be individualistic. It can depend upon a person's morals, desires, company, and perceptions. So the ways to achieve the desired lifestyle can be varied. However, to start changing from the current situation and going towards a magnificent life, we have to pass a common hurdle and that hurdle is lacking the feeling of gratitude.

In the year 2020 or maybe previously as well, we all have faced several difficulties like the world pandemic, recession, and dismissal of loved ones. The pandemic and its consequences had made us suffer from fear, anxiety, boredom, loneliness, and depression. Many of us are still suffering from the loss of our loved ones. However, life goes on and we have to live it to the fullest. After all, we get only one life to live.  To shift our pain, depression, and loss to peace and happiness we have to be grateful for what we have in the current situation.

Gratitude is a tool which helps to focus on the positive aspect of any situation. It helps us to receive more love, happiness, help, hope, and satisfaction. Counting our blessings daily and feeling thankful for them makes us realise that we almost have everything we wish for and more of it is on its way. Listing the things we are grateful for daily, motivates us to achieve more and also to give more. For example, if we want to earn more money, if we feel blessed for whatever money we earn and have right now and plan mindfully to spend it, enhances the positive motivation to earn more money. If we are grateful at the heart we can focus on the opportunities than focusing on nagging about the current situation. All the live coaches teach us to feel grateful after every milestone achieved because it prepares us to work on the next milestone for our ultimate goal.

The feeling of appreciation enhances peace and happiness in our lives. Gratitude also has many physical and psychological benefits. It can help us to sleep better, have more energy, and feel happier and more positive. Gratitude can also help to reduce stress and anxiety and to improve our overall health. For example, if we start listing any five things we are grateful for daily, it shifts our thoughts from scarcity to abundance. We start looking at what we have and how we can use it for further betterment. Often due to a lack of gratitude, we cannot realize that we have all the tools we need for success. Out of ungratefulness, we tend to ignore our strengths and start looking for help from others. Additionally, feeling gratitude helps a lot in stress management. In every stressful situation, if we decide to face the positive aspect and feel grateful about it from the bottom of our hearts, we will find the solution to our problem and eventually have to manage only the stress of finishing the work by a given deadline.

Gratitude is the best source to enhance self-awareness. Daily gratitude practice helps us analyse what we have, what we want, and how we can use what we have to achieve what we want. Gratitude brings fun and happiness to our daily hustles. To feel happy, safe, and loved, feeling grateful can be the initiating act. A grateful heart and mind motivate us to help others and being able to help others increases the endorphins in the brain and enhances the sense of happiness. Also, whatever we send to the universe and the surrounding community, we receive the same from them.

Another benefit of gratitude practice has been explained in Hindu ancient science is that when you eat your food with a blessed heart the food acts as nectar and keeps you healthy. Similarly, if we started feeling grateful for the tiniest things done by a person for us, our relationship with that person improves. This is especially helpful with your parents, spouse, children, and any other person you loved.  If we combine our blessings, it generates compound effects and will help in grasping extraordinary opportunities.

You can witness the benefits of practising gratitude in each area of your life. Let us know about your experience of practising gratitude and let's sell together. We are so grateful for your time and love. Until next time Rewrite your Mind & Relive your Life.


About the Author:

Dr. Priyanka Mohol [BHMS, PGDEMS & CC, DDHN, MPH (Scotland)]

Public Health Consultant & Community Nutrition Specialist