Daily Gratitude Practice Prompts

graditude.png, Nov 2022

Making a broad list of our blessings in every aspect of our life is easier than feeling grateful about the daily small events until it becomes a habit. Hence, people find it difficult to list things they are grateful about the day. We can find gratitude in any tiny tasks and events that happen throughout the day. They can be as small as receiving a good cup of coffee or finding a lost favourite t-shirt. The purpose of daily gratitude practice is to shift your focus on the positive things that happened in a day before you sleep and motivate you for the next day. Also, daily gratitude practice helps in building a grateful mindset.

To help you out with your dilemma of daily gratitude practice we are providing you with a list of prompts.

Prompt for a daily gratitude practice

  1. Be grateful for the food you have received today
  2. Be grateful for safely reaching the office or your workplace and back home
  3. Be grateful for  having someone to talk to
  4. Be grateful for having a comfortable bed to sleep
  5. Be grateful for being able to help other people or organization
  6. Be grateful for your good health & energy levels throughout the day
  7. Be grateful for any enjoyed moment in the day
  8. Be grateful if anybody has appreciated, thanked, or taken care of you
  9. Be grateful if you have observed nature's beauty today
  10. Be grateful if you have heard any good news today
  11. Be grateful for the love received from your family, friends, colleagues, and your pet
  12. Be grateful for reaching out on time for all the commitments
  13. Be grateful for resolving any problem
  14. Be grateful for your safety
  15. Be grateful for a nicely cooked dish by you or any work done by you
  16. Be grateful for your good looks
  17. Be grateful for the phone call received from your loved one
  18. Be grateful for the topic you laughed out loud about
  19. Be grateful if you finish all the important tasks on your daily To-Do list
  20. Be grateful if you can shop for anything needed or luxury item
  21. Be grateful if you can exercise and meditate or perform any self-care act
  22. Be grateful for the qualities of the people you admire
  23. Be grateful for things you own that make life easier
  24. Be grateful for things you were mindful of during the day
  25. Be grateful for things you love about your work, house, and yourself
  26. Be grateful if you receive any opportunity for your growth
  27. Be grateful if you are entertained today
  28. Be grateful for being able to give blessings, love, care, and power to your loved ones
  29. Be grateful if you were positive for the maximum part of the day
  30. Be grateful if you have made someone laugh, proud, positive, happy, and motivated


We are so grateful to be able to help you with this blog to develop the habit of daily gratitude practice. Let us know your daily gratitude prompts and experiences in the comments below. Until next time Rewrite your Mind & Relive your Life.


About the Author:

Dr. Priyanka Mohol [BHMS, PGDEMS & CC, DDHN, MPH (Scotland)]

Public Health Consultant & Community Nutrition Specialist